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Club HM Challenge Winners

July 14, 2011

The Club HM Facebook page is an active community of heritage makers from across the U.S. and Canada. Several times a week “challenges” are posted to encourage people to share their projects with the group. Winners are chosen by the number of “likes” or by the HM staff. Recently a child’s photo challenge was announced and we’ve posted the winners here because they really portray the “magic” and mission of Heritage Makers.

Brenda Kruse – This touching moment was captured as my son received an 11.5×8.5 storybook featuring his “First Five Years” for his 6th b-day gift from his Grandma & Grandpa! While looking through the pages, he just put his arms around them both & kept them there! Too precious! He was so proud, he took it to preschool to share & slept with it at night for a month! She made the amazing 80-page book for him but it was just as much a gift to me too!

Betty Miller – I made the “You’re a VIP” board book for my son and gave it to him for his 5th birthday. This book lets him know that he is the VIP (Very Important Person) of our family. He LOVES this book and looks through it every night. When it came time for me to read to his Kindergarten class I asked him what his favorite book was that he wanted me to read. He said, “Read my VIP book please!”

Tara Jones, – My entry for the “Child’s Photo” challenge! I started with a template and recreated it to make a 20×20 Canvas showing one of my favorite pictures of my precious Baby Boy and his adorable Big Sister! They love seeing themselves in any project I make for them but they know how special this one is to me! My daughter loves seeing it and says it makes her happy to see when she became a new big sister!