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Coming in April – Canvas Exchange Kit #2

March 22, 2016

This April, Anthology DIY by Lisa Bearnson is offering our second set of Canvas Exchange designs for 3×4 wood blocks! Canvas Exchange is an innovative, easy way to embellish your home using stylish and re-usable canvas art. In March, we offered a Starter Set that included a sheet of canvas (with a total of 9 designs) and a wood block kit (image below).  This can still be purchased while supplies last.


Coming April 1st is this new canvas sheet, Canvas Exchange Set 2 for 3 x 4 Wood Blocks (seen below). This sheet of canvas will be sold separately from the wood blocks, which are already sold separately.


All Canvas Exchange products are “peel and replace.” You can add (and remove) this swappable decorative canvas to the blocks as often as you like. With Canvas Exchange Set 2, you get the option of three different looks for the wood blocks you purchase and prepare.




When not being displayed, store your canvas pieces flat on the backing material or keep safe inside an album (stick onto page protectors) so you can easily pull them out for future use. You can use them over and over again!


If you didn’t previously purchase the 3×4 Wood Block Kit or want more blocks so you can use all your canvases at once, it can be purchased for just $16. It includes sandpaper, paint, a brush, and a wood finial piece.

Get ready to easily decorate your home in a beautiful and trendy style!

– Cynthia