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Coming Soon to Your World!

June 29, 2016

Our Memories for Life has a new collection available on July 1st – It’s a Kid’s World by Lauren Hinds. This colorful collection targets the children in your life, but I’m pretty sure you can find uses for the non-children in your life as well.


This image shows the full collection, which is available as a bundle so you can select one item and get it all! Just in case you like to pick and choose, let’s look at the individual pieces.


The Designer Cardstock has a variety of patterns using the color palette found in this collection. Having so many generic designs makes it easy to mix and match for your scrapbook pages. Plus, you don’t have to use these cardstocks just with the other collection pieces, you can pull items from other collections to record tons of memories.


Speaking of recording memories, the Pocket Journal Cards in this collection have plenty of space to write your stories and memories. And you’ll notice that the colors and designs mimic those found in the cardstock, which makes creating your layouts a breeze!


These Pocket Border Strips use many of the same designs found on the Pocket Journal Cards and Designer Cardstock. Are you seeing a theme here? Yep, easy to create layouts using bright, happy colors. Love it! And these Pocket Border Strips slide easily into the Slip-in Multi-Pocket Pages as do the Pocket Journal Cards.


So far I’ve shown you the basic designs. With this collection, we’re providing two sets of the 2″ Border Strips. Each set is double-sided with one theme on one side and another theme on the other side. This set has Sports and School designs. You’ll notice that they use the same color palette as the Designer Cardstock, Pocket Journal Cards, and Pocket Border Strips, so they easily work together on your layouts. Plus, you’ll notice a few border strips that could be used for pages that are not kid related. For example, look at the strip with the blue, green, grey, and yellow hexagons. It would be perfect for any layout! Take a minute and go through these designs and create a list of pages you could make using the designs. You’ll find lots of great ways to use them besides sports and school.


This set of 2″ Border Strips has Toddler and Magical Vacation designs. Again, so many bright, fun colors that can be used in a variety of ways. The strip with the arrows going in different directions would be fun for a road trip page or use the ice cream strip for a summer page or for that person that can’t live without their daily ice cream. Are you seeing the possibilities?


This final image is the Autoship for July. It has all the components from the It’s a Kid’s World by Lauren Hinds, plus a set of Cloud White Refill Pages. When you get this, you’ll be all set to start scrapbooking all those memories. Just add photos and adhesive!

This collection will be available on July 1st so watch for it on under Our Memories for Life,, and in your back office.

Have an amazing day and make sure you plan a little creative time in you day!

– StacyC