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Countdown to Fun with 11×14 Prints

February 12, 2016

I think one of the fun parts of a vacation or party or start of something is the planning. I love to look at all the options, decide what to do, and feel the anticipation build as the event/activity approaches. A great way to help build the excitement is by counting down the days and UV coated 11×14 prints are perfect for this!

Disney countdown

Vacations are the best especially if you’re visiting the happiest place on earth! This 11×14 print is ideal for hanging on the fridge so it is front and center for the countdown. Make sure you select UV Coating when using 11×14 prints for countdowns so you can use dry erase markers that write on and wipe off.

birthday countdown

Don’t you love feeling special on your birthday? And what kid wouldn’t love counting down to their special day? This design is generic enough to use for boys or girls of any age. If you want a sturdier project, use this template to create a metal print. You could also customize this for each child by adding their name or photo. Because it’s an 11×14 print it’s inexpensive to do each year.

generic countdown

If you want an 11×14 print that you can use for a variety of occasions, the Countdown template (98165) works beautifully! Plus, this template’s simple design makes it a snap to customize to your favorite color or to match your home’s decor.

christmas countdown

So far I’ve shared 11×14 prints but metal prints are also ideal for countdown projects. This Christmas Countdown (125125) is an 11.5×8 Bracket Metal Print. The metal prints are naturally a slick surface so no additional coating is needed.

There are multiple countdown templates in the gallery that you can use as is or change to fit your needs and so many reasons to count the days (last day of school, first day of school, baseball season starts, moving day, etc.). Make the every day activities special and the special occasions even better by counting down the days!

Have fun creating!

– StacyC