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Creating Magic Moments with Personalized Photo Gifts

January 9, 2013

Think of the memories you have growing up – the ones that probably stand out the most are the little things, right? Baking cookies with mom, family game nights, helping dad fix the car…but how many of us have photos capturing these ‘magic moments’?

Most of us think about creating personalized photo gifts for big events and milestones such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations and birthdays. Challenge yourself this year to make the little moments just as important as the big ones. Keep your camera nearby so it’s ready to grab when your kids are sharing a special bonding moment or a pillow fight breaks out.  You’ll be happy you did when you look back as a family and reminisce about the ‘small moments’ that were the most rewarding part of your year.

Here are a few of our favorite submissions for the Magic Moments challenge this month. Use them as inspiration to get you started with your own personalized photo gifts!

  • Character Autograph Flipbook

Brenda Kruse from Nevada created a character autograph flipbook to announce an upcoming trip to Disneyland as Christmas gifts. The kids were so excited when they opened this gift they spontaneously tackled her!  Watch this ‘magic moment’ as it happened on YouTube:


  • “I Promise You” Storybooks

Wendy Clifton from Georgia and her husband created storybooks entitled “I Promise You” for their two children expressing their love and commitment as parents. The books meant so much to the kids that they paused their excitement on Christmas morning to read their books cover to cover.

  • “The Best Christmas Ever” Photo Canvas

Candy May from Washington created a 12×12 photo canvas for her husband’s father of his son as a little boy wearing goalie pads. As he opened it, he started to sob. “Everyone in the room felt the magic of Christmas when that gift was opened, and it was by far the best part of Christmas this year,” Candy said.

  • Family Memory Books

Colleen McLaws from Arizona created two memory books for her family as gifts; one focused on her husband and nine sons, and the other devoted to her “three princesses.” Thanks to digital scrapbooking, everyone can have their own copy!

Use these ideas as inspiration for capturing your own magic moments this month.  Who knows – you may end up creating more memories than you planned!  These photo gifts will become priceless treasures, as each book is filled with memories that are unique to your family. And remember – no moment is too big or too small.


What ‘magic moments’ did your family experience together last year? Share with us below.