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Creative Ways to Give Thanks

November 1, 2016

Practicing gratitude is something I try to do throughout the year. I’m big on gratitude journals and really believe that the more aware of our blessings, the happier we are!

Thank You

In November, I think we all pay a little more attention to being thankful. I recently came across a fabulous list of creative ways to count your blessings and express gratitude. I’d like to share those ideas, and a few of my own with you now, so we can all start making this month extra special by living with the attitude of gratitude.

  1. Forgive someone who has hurt you.
  2. Make AND SHARE a list of someone’s good traits.
  3. Put your phone away when you’re with people.
  4. Look into people’s eyes, smile, and express appreciation.
  5. Write and send a handwritten letter of admiration and appreciation.
  6. Teach someone something new.
  7. Donate food and clothes and time to those in need.image-1(I fell in love with this 13-year-old refugee from Iraq. We spent time together capturing HER story through photographs and the written word. Find out how you can help with the My Story Matters foundation.)
  8. Perform prayers of gratitude.
  9. Keep a gratitude journal or list of blessings.
  10. Vow not to complain or gossip for one week!
  11. Give more hugs.
  12. Appreciate what you have right now.
  13. Find a meaningful quote about gratitude and display it where you’ll see it often.
  14. Stop comparing yourself and what you have with other people.
  15. Say “thanks” to at least 10 people every single day.

November Gratitude

Regularly expressing gratitude and nurturing an awareness of all that is good around you will help you find greater joy and contentment. I challenge you to make this your most grateful month ever!

– Lisa