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Deal or No Deal – Heritage Makers Style

August 11, 2010

Now it’s time for the top ticket earners!

Each contestant will choose a piece of luggage and receive the prize inside.

Contestant #1 – Hallie Redd


Hallie chose suitcase #4 and won…a vacation package! Two night hotel stay, dinner, fun -Hallie chooses the place! Hallie has promised pictures of her vacation. We’ll post here once Hallie takes her trip.

Contestant #2 – Nykelle Pollastro

Nykelle chose suitcase #2 and won – a little blue box. What is it? Anything wrapped in Tiffanys must be good. Inside Nykelle found a beautiful pearl bracelet. Nykelle decided to take a chance and chose a deal from Brytt. Inside the little package she found…free TAC points and free 2012 TAC registration! Great deal Nykelle!

Contestant #3 – Kelly Barquin

Kelly chose the black suitcase which had a brand new projector waiting inside! But wait, Brytt’s offering a deal. Will she take it? Kelly’s husband was brought on stage to help her make the right choice. She’s taking a chance! Wha’ts inside the little bag Brytt offered…1,000 TAC points + free 2012 TAC registration + $400!

Contestant #4 – Wendy McGee

Wendy chose the well-used suitcase and found a 37-inch flat screen TV.  Patti just sweetened the deal with one year of Netflix.What will Wendy do? She’s tradig for the little pouch from Brytt! Inside she found 500 TAC points and $300!

Contestant #5 – Kymberly Stoddard

Our last contestant of the evening is the lovely Kymberly Stoddard. Kym opened the suitcase to find – a gorgeous Coach purse! Will she keep the purse or get tempted by the package Brytt has to offer? Patti is offering the Coach wallet to match. What will Kym do? And she took the offer from Brytt. Kym got $400 in cash!

Congratulations to all of our contestants!