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February 22, 2013

Heritage Makers Introduces the PhotoSafe Archival Disc: A Long-Lasting, Secure Storage Option

Provo, Utah, January 25, 2012 – Heritage Makers, a Utah-based digital scrapbooking company, recently introduced its newest product: the PhotoSafe Archival Disc. The company is offering archival discs as a second backup solution, increasing disc storage potential from seven years to 1,000. Members can now have peace of mind that their digital photos are both easily accessible and fully protected.

Relying on Millenniata Discs and engraving technology, the PhotoSafe Archival Discs are designed to last 1,000 years (according to an independent study by the Department of Defense). Each disc is made from chemically-stable and heat-resistant materials, and holds 4.3 GB of data (between 1,500 and 3,000 images). “We are so delighted to offer this breakthrough technology because it supports our mission of preserving photos for generations to come,” commented Brytt Cloward, VP of Sales and Marketing for Heritage Makers.

Heritage Makers emphasizes that no location is 100% safe, but that using multiple storage locations decreases the risk of losing irreplaceable photos. The digital scrapbooking company recommends its members store their photos in multiple locations: On PhotoSafe Archival Discs, online, and on their own computer or hard-drive.

“Most consumers are not aware that their precious digital images burned to a DVD are not as secure as they imagined,” Cloward stated. “In fact, the average lifespan for these discs is only 3-7 years! The PhotoSafe Archival Disc, which ensures your photos will be protected for 1,000 years, perfectly matches our passion for preservation.”

To learn more about Heritage Makers or digital scrapbooking, contact Don Lehnhof, Director of Marketing, at 801-437-8049, or visit the website at

About the Company:

Heritage Makers, a pioneer in the memory preservation and personal publishing industry, helps consumers showcase their photos and stories through custom-published photo books and other printed keepsakes. The Heritage Makers online publishing platform is easy to use, giving anyone the ability to create professional-quality products. With their unique online publishing tools, including a searchable database of over 90,000 digital art pieces and 9,500 pre-designed templates, photos and memories can be shared with family and friends, and preserved forever.