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Discover the Oasis – Day 5

March 18, 2010

The cruising adventures are half over! See what the crew was up to today!


Can you believe it’s half over already? Time really does fly when you are having fun.

This morning we woke up docked at St Maartin, a beautiful island with amazing turquoise waters and a quaint shopping area lining the beach. We are in St Maartin from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., which is plenty of time to tour the entire island, sit on the beach, and shop.

We will be holding our private Flowrider session. Still working on if it will be in the morning before you depart for the island or in the late afternoon when you come back. This is an island that I would not recommend paying for a tour though the cruise line. The island is small and there are plenty of tours offered right off ship. You can rent a moped and venture off on your own or book at 1 ½ hour, 2 hour, or 3 hour air conditioned island tour. These tours range from $15 to $45 .depending on how many people you have going. Downtown is about a mile away or a $3 taxi ride, well worth the $3. Today was very warm and they said unseasonably humid.  

You can rent a lounge chair, umbrella, and a bucket with 5 bottles of beer or 2 mixed drinks for $20 per person. The water was beautiful and the beach was crowded. The nice part is there was fun Caribbean music playing, and plenty of restaurants and bars. There was even a location offering FREE internet in an air conditioned portion of the restaurant. You can also take a taxi to a beach located on the other side of the island. This taxi ride gives you a tour of half of the island and straight to a more private beach. Again, you can catch a taxi just outside the dock. It is a very well organized port. I think they have to be with 5 cruise ships docked on the same day.

I didn’t have the opportunity to shop in St Thomas, but in talking to others the shopping areas are very similar. The main shopping area is located just on the other side of the beach. It’s nice because you can walk between the buildings to get to the shops. These shops seem to offer more clothing locations, including Cariloha an all bamboo clothing store, Linen Galore, Del Sol with its color changing ability, several electronic stores, and plenty of jewelry stores. You can also find the flea market style shopping one block further.

Tonight we dined at the specialty restaurant Chops Grill. This will be the location for our President’s Club dinner. The steak was amazing. I thought the food in the dining room was great, this was phenomenal. I hope you will be a President’s Club member and be invited to join Doug and Chris for this very special evening.

We don’t have a scheduled show tonight, but there is plenty to do on the ship. You know how our group loves Karaoke…they have had some good Karaoke sessions but they offer something call Rock-a-Rokie. It’s Karaoke to a live band. It was awesome!

Husbands Tip—Bring good walking shoes for the shopping and don’t forget to sunscreen your head if you don’t have any hair!