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Discover the Oasis – Day 6

March 19, 2010

The open-sea adventures are coming to an end…

Today is our last day at sea. We are heading back home, how sad. We stayed out late last night and were in no hurry to get up and get going. On sea days there is so much going on from early to late. We started the day in the gym again. So far I’ve had amazing food and lost 1 lb. Okay, it depends on which way the boat is rocking.  After the gym, a great breakfast in the Central Park Café, then off to my room for a little work.

By 10:00 a.m., it was time to put on the swimming suit and head out to the adventure areas of the boat. First, we visited the Rock Wall. The line was a little long so I decided against going up. Besides I was saving my arms for the Flowrider, where we headed next. It’s been two years so I was a little nervous. First jump in I didn’t go far enough and bounded right back, yes I was wearing my Heritage Makers T-shirt, a must. Second try I dove right in and stayed on the board. Once I got control, I moved to my knees and was able to sail with no hands. The next trick was a barrel roll. This one took me the entire cruise last time. I was close but hit the top wave and I made my final turn so it was a “wipe out.” Jeff continued to play on the stand up board while I found a nearby lounge chair and book. We spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Tonight is our last formal night and show. It’s lobster night in the dining room. We ordered a little Prime Rib to go with our lobster and shrimp. It was amazing. After dinner we had an hour before our last show, Come Fly With Me. All of the shows have been amazing and I was a little worried about this one because it seemed similar to the one on the Liberty and I wasn’t too fond of that show.

This show is a combination of singing, dancing, gymnastics and acrobatics. Again, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen. The performances and vocals were outstanding. Some amazing stunts and acrobatics were performed. The entertainment on this ship has been exceptional on every level. I’m not sure how a ship this large pulled that off.

This ship holds over 6,000 when it’s at full capacity, which it is on this sailing and I’m amazed that you don’t feel it. There are so many things to do and places to eat that there are no lines, except for the Flowrider. There are always things to do or nothing at all. I know many are worried about taking a cruise because of the motion sickness. Usually, I can feel it the first night and after that I’m good. On this ship I felt no movement for the five days. Not even a little. When we turned to head back to Nassau the waters were a little rougher or I think the captain had to make up some time and you could feel the boat rocking, however it wasn’t bad at all. I’ve also been worried that our cabins were at the very front of the ship and I would feel the movement. I don’t like the front of the ship as a general rule. Again, the cabin has been great and no problems with the movement at all.

After walking through the ship and looking at where our cabins are, I think we have some great locations. We have a few Central Park and Boardwalk balconies that I’m going to recommend we let go and move to ocean view. The Central Park and Boarwalk cabins are a novelty, but they are very noisy. There isn’t much privacy in those areas. Those who have not upgraded from an inside cabin will be just fine as well. These cabins are located in the front of the ship, and of course have no view, but you really aren’t in your room much anyway.

Tomorrow is Nassau in the Bahamas. We are going to tour Atlantis. My brother took his family there and said it was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see it.