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Discover the Oasis – Day 7

March 20, 2010

Patti, Jeff, Doug, and Judy’s fabulous adventure comes to an end…

It’s the last day and while it has been an amazing trip, I am ready to get home and hold that beautiful grandbaby of mine and, of course, get back to work and talk with all of you.

Today is a perfect way to end the trip. We have a half day at sea and seven hours in Nassau. The weather is much cooler than in the Caribbean, but it’s perfect. During the morning we went for a late breakfast in the dining room and then up to the top deck for a little golf and ping pong while we wait for the captain to give us the go ahead to depart from the ship.

Today we did a little shopping in Nassau. This was not my favorite place to shop. Make sure you get your shopping done prior to coming to this island. They did offer cute straw bags that I didn’t see at other locations. We spend most of the day visiting a resort called Paradise Island. What a resort! It was huge, the beach was beautiful, and the underground fish tank was awesome. Talk about a great snorkeling location! Yes, they do allow people to snorkel in the aquarium. You can also just rent a beach chair and hang out for the rest of the day.

This is my least favorite evening. It’s time to pack up and get ready to get off the ship in the morning. My advice is to pack light. I have probably seven shirts I didn’t wear and a couple of evening outfits as well.

It’s been an exciting site inspection and I have gotten a lot of information to help make your 2011 TAC Trip Amazing. I hope you will participate in Discovering the Oasis and let Heritage Makers show you and your spouse or guest a great time! Keep working your business consistently to take advantage of every point available.