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Eggs, Engagements, and Especially Cute Cards!

March 15, 2016

The Bearnson gang has another wedding that is right around the corner! My oldest daughter, Stefyn, said YES to Sean Hall and the wedding is August 25th!


The next time you see Sean, you might not recognize him! He won a beard-growing contest and now he and Stefyn have some fun plans for showing off his new look!

Sean is one of the most thoughtful guys I know. He makes me homemade Salsa, gets involved in all our crazy family activities, and yesterday he gathered fresh eggs from his grandparents coop and made a special effort to bring them to me! We all love this amazing guy! And, he’s marrying one of my favorite people ever!


Stay tuned for all the wedding fun!

Speaking of fun, this is one of my favorite Anthology DIY card kits ever! Just check out this fun little video.

The Sign It Card Kit has all the components to create 20 customized cards!


I love how the card has it’s own “stand” and looks so adorable on a mantle or table.



Spring is in the air and I’m so happy! There are two birds right outside my window building perfect nests to house their little ones. I can hardly wait to hear the chirping sounds. This truly is my favorite time of the year!

– Lisa