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Expiring Points Autoresponders

November 19, 2010

Heritage Makers is now sending out monthly autoresponder emails advising clients of past point purchases that are due to expire within the next 90 days. The autoresponder system was unavailable for a time due to the transition to the points system, but the good news is that it has now been reprogrammed and it’s back online.

All point purchases have an expiration date that is set two years from the date of purchase. If you have points that are expiring within 90 days, you will receive an autoresponder message providing specific details about the affected points. One month later you will receive an update listing these points again (if they have not been used) and any other points that are within the 90-day expiration window. This information is helpful because it allows you to plan your publishing activity to receive maximum value for your purchases. Please note there will be no exceptions to the point expiration policy. If you have points that will be expiring soon, you should  consider the items currently featured in the Holiday Hits and greeting card/invitation specials.