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Fast and Fun Photo Apps

January 6, 2015

Have you seen your friends post fun photo collage images to their social media accounts and ever wonder how they do that? What if you could not only post fast and fun photo collages to your social media accounts but you could publish those precious memories in a beautiful storybook or scrap page that will last forever? At Heritage Makers, we have the perfect solution for your digital images. Don’t let the memories be left behind floating somewhere in the digital world. Get started today preserving your memories in any of our storybook products as they are currently on sale now through January 31.

To begin, there are lots of different photo collage apps available for smart phones and tablets. Our personal favorites are PicStitch and InstaCollage free apps or the Project Life for purchase app. All of these apps allow you to combine several images into a stylish frame and save it as a .jpg image.Collage 1

Once you have created and shared your image, be sure to save your photo collage pages to your camera roll. Use the free Heritage Makers Photosafe Mobile Manger app, available for smart phones and tablets, to upload them to your free HM online account. The next step will be to login to your Heritage Makers account and select one of our Drop to Swap templates from the Template Gallery.Collage 2

Remember, in most cases, if you are using free apps, the .jpg collage image will print best at a project size no larger than 8 x 8. Some for purchase apps give you a high enough resolution to print up to 12 x 12 but you’ll need to verify that within your Studio project as the photo resolution will depend on the app you are using. Once you are in your project, you may check the resolution by viewing the selection border colors or “rubber band” color around your images. If it is green in the “unlocked” position, you are good to go. If it is yellow, orange, or red, the resolution is too low and is not recommended for printing.Collage 3

After you have placed your collage images into your Drop to Swap template, you may also add additional personal touches in Studio such as background papers, journaling, art embellishments, and QR codes.

Collage 5

If you haven’t yet tried one of these photo collage apps, give it a try! You’ll be amazed at the professional look of your layouts and the ease of publishing them with our Heritage Makers Drop to Swap templates. The possibilities for creativity are endless!

To learn more about using fast and fun photo apps and preserving those memories through Heritage Makers, please view our Studio U: Family Yearbooks class.