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Featuring Clue at Digital Scrapbook Playground

April 29, 2010

If you’re looking for more motivation, creative ideas, and social networking with other scrapbookers, Digital Scrapbook Playground is where you want to be. Created by Heritage Makers consultant Wenda Top, this interactive site allows you to share your project and template ideas, get feedback, and make new friends. Plus, you can participate in Digital Survivor, a creative layout challenge that pushes your creative skills to their best.


Digital Survivor is in its third season with the Clue challenge. The fun starts when participants create their creative profile with an alter ego (ex. Ms. Maple). Then, they follow the weekly layout challenges (each week you can find a new link that connects to the weekly challenge’s information) and bonus round challenges. After each challenge, participants post their layouts, view other participants’ layouts, and vote on the layouts they like the best (each participant receives three votes).

There are no art restrictions; it’s all about being creative. And with so much art in the Art Catalog, you have a million design possibilities. Create your challenge layouts on any project type. Then just download a preview, crop if necessary, and post on Digital Scrapbook Playground. (Digital Scrapbook Playground does suggest that designing on a 12×12 scrap page is best, but if you’re looking to create a bigger project, you can just as easily create your layout in a storybook or on a canvas.)

Anyone can participate in the contest. All you need is a Heritage Makers Studio account. And if you don’t have one, Digital Scrapbook Playground recommends that you get in touch with the consultant or person who referred you to their site. (For consultants, this is a great way to introduce new clients to the world of storybooking with Heritage Makers.)

You don’t have to be an expert to play the game. Season one’s contest winners were actually a tie between an advanced player and a beginner. Really, the best thing about the contest is getting positive feedback and getting new ideas on layouts and techniques.

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