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Get Ready for Halloween and Pets

July 27, 2016

I know we aren’t supposed to wish our life away, but some things just get me so excited that it’s hard not to count down the days. Well the new Frightful & Furry by Lauren Hinds collection from Our Memories for Life is available on August 1 and is so darn cute that I am looking forward to that day in a big way. It could be those dog designs or maybe it’s the festive pumpkins. I’ll let you decide!


I really like Halloween. I love the pumpkins, black cats, kids dressed up, and of course, the candy. And you know I love dogs! Actually, I love pretty much all animals and have had several cats over the years. So this collection definitely speaks to me. I love the color palette – there’s something about adding purple into the mix that just makes these colors pop! Let’s look at each component separately.


The Designer Cardstock has mostly generic designs that will work with any of the border strips and journal cards, with a few jazzy patterns for a bit of fun! All the colors seen here are also found in the border strips and journal cards so putting together a traditional or pocket page is easy peasy.


In the journal card arena we have these Pocket Journal cards that slide into the middle slot on the Slip-in Multi-pocket Pages and work beautifully on traditional layouts too. The thing I love about this collection (and I understand this will carry through to future collections) is that one side are every day designs like dots, stripes, and zig zags and the other side has themed cards. In this case, some of the cards have Halloween designs and some have dog or cat designs. Again, the colors all match so creating with these is easy and fun.


The Pocket Border Strips are much like the Pocket Journal Cards in that they have half with every day designs and half with theme designs. You’ll see some of the same patterns and designs here from the journal cards and designer cardstock.


As we saw with the It’s a Kid’s World collection, the Frightful and Furry collection has two sets of 2″ Border Strips. One has Halloween designs on both sides. You’ll see there are a variety of styles. That row of pumpkins is by far my favorite followed closely by the cute owl strip and the purple diamonds with witches hat strip. Which are your favorites?


The second set of 2″ Border Strips has dog designs on one side and cat on the other. Some of the patterns and designs can be used for either pet or for a different animal type. For example, the striped Me & You or the polka dots or the blue and green diamonds can be used for either pet. And yes, I’m super partial to the dog side with my favorite being the horizontal green strip with all the different dogs on it. After that, well there are so many to choose from and I don’t want to bore you. If you are a dog and/or cat lover, this set of border strips is a must have!


That’s everything you’ll find in the Frightful & Furry by Lauren Hinds collection. For those of you signed up for the Our Memories for Life Autoship, this image shows what you’ll receive – the full Frightful & Furry by Lauren Hinds collection plus the Black Noir Designer Refill Pages. This autoship makes creating super simple. The Black Noir Refill Pages are perfect for this collection and will make the colors pop off the page.

One last thing, we have two new Solid Color Cardstocks coming out this week (most likely on Friday). They are Gold and Sky Blue. We’ll make sure and update the PDF with the list of cardstocks and what collections they work the best so you have a reference tool.



Are you excited for this collection? Which pieces will you use first? Halloween or Pets? Once you get your products, make sure you share what you create on Facebook or Instagram so we can ooh and ahh over your pages.

Have fun creating!

– StacyC