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Getting Started: Write a Dedication

October 24, 2008

Submitted by Candace May

Dedications set the tone of your storybook. Here are some wonderful dedications that coincide with the Cornerstone series. Hopefully the ideas I present here will help inspire you to create your own special dedication.


Dedicated to the only hero I ever had-the greatest man I ever knew.

He never owned a new car, he took peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to work, and loved bologna and Kool-Aid. He was a plain and simple man, with minimal financial means and limited church service. And yet, his was a life of overwhelming success, immeasurable by worldly standards. He was the husband that most women dream of, the father that most children wish they had and the kind of man that most men wish they could have been. He lived a quiet, Christ-like life, dedicating himself to the wife and family he loved, giving each of us a gift we never can repay.


This book is dedicated to my first baby boy.

Always remember, “I can’t stop loving you.”


I dedicate this book to my children. Perhaps I will look back on these images and once again feel what it was like to have your soft cheeks resting next to mine, or hear your tiny voices saying, “Mommy.” I hope that you will look back at these images and know, without question, that you were loved.


This book is dedicated to my handsome husband. Thanks for making my dreams come true and giving me this family.


This storybook shares some of my most important thoughts and is dedicated to my children so they may, some day, have more than just their memories to go by.

Visualizing or seeing someone else’s decication is an inspiration to me. It always helps me to see what others have written to inspire my own writing. Now, after having seen some sample dedications, you can write your own meaningful introductions to every storybook you write.

Happy Storybooking!