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Getting to Know the Design Guide

February 18, 2016

Have you ever wondered what the Design Guide is and why it is always visible when you open your projects in Studio? The Design Guide is a series of helpful tips and guidelines that are specifically tailored to the product you are currently working on. These guides are here to help you understand each product type and assist you in creating a treasured keepsake that you will love for years to come.


The Design Guide for any project shows only what is pertinent to know for that product type. For example, the Design Guide for this canvas project clearly shows the wrap area of the canvas so that you know to allow your design to drape fully around the edges and back of your canvas. If you were to leave this area blank, the canvas on that portion of your finished product would be white. For more information on the Design Guide for canvas projects, click here.

design_guide_-_scrap page

For flat printed products like Scrap Pages, 11 x 14 prints, and even Business Cards, you will see a lot of the same tip bubbles. Safe Area, Crop Marks/Trim, and Bleed Area all show helpful areas of the edge of your printed product to ensure that your design extends fully to the edge of your project, but will not get cut off in production. For more information on the Safe, Crop, and Bleed areas, click here.


Calendars are another product that contain very specialized tips. Notice the perforation lines visible in the Design Guide for this Now & Later Calendar. These areas show where your product will be lightly perforated for easy separation to preserve the scrap page portion of the design. For more information on designing Now & Later Calendars, please click here.


Remember, once you have read and understand the tips laid out in the Design Guide, you can hide the tip bubbles by clicking the Design Guide button in the upper right-hand corner of the Studio window. This button toggles the design guide on and off for your current Studio session, but the Design Guide will be visible again the next time you open Studio for any project.

If you ever have any questions about any of the tips in the Design Guide, remember that answers are merely a search away in our handy Support Center!

– Brooke