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Happy Halloween

October 9, 2013

by Lynda Angelastro, Studio Product Manager

Make It a Great Halloween
Halloween is a fun time for family and friends alike to gather, to visit, to share goodies and to fuss over the kids and their costumes. This holiday gets bigger every year with more community events and commercial ventures such as pumpkin patch, corn maze, and spook alley visits being added to the agenda. Put loved ones front and center in your version of the holiday by decorating your home, making personalized treats to give away, and being sure your children have a personalized treat bucket.

Find ‘Halloween’ Faster
Use our new Template Gallery to find the Halloween items you’re excited about. In the top navigation bar that appears when you click “Template Gallery,” a list of the next four or five holidays always appears in blue on the left-hand side. Click “Halloween” and all the templates you’ve been looking for appear. Our category Halloween selection is just that, a selection. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, create your own search using our search input box. Remember, it’s a multiple word search, so you could put in Halloween and Bucket and Boy.

Welcome Them With a Canvas
Welcome them to your home on Trick or Treat Night with a Halloween-themed family name canvas like Sandra Dovre’s template 62266, “Spooktacular Halloween” or the one from Lynda Angelastro shown in our opening photo, template 111033, “FANGtasic Halloween Welcome” or “Family Boo Crew,” template 94924 by Kari Pieratt. Each is a 20 x 8 canvas that helps Halloween Night feel like a celebration.

Hang Out a Metal Welcome Sign
With goblins and ghosties everywhere, let little ones know your home is open for trick or treating with one of these fun metal prints. The first is a 10 x 8 metal print, template 109568, by Sandra Dovre called “Ooga Booga”. The second is from Shanna Vineyard and is an 18 x 12 metal print, template 94524, called “Trick You or Treat You Sign.” Both feature the family name and are happy on the front door, the porch wall, or hanging in the window facing the street. If you are treating in a parking lot from the trunk of your car, our metal signs make wonderful identifying signs for your family’s vehicle. Just hang them from the roof of the trunk!


Cover Your Doorbell
Hang one of these inexpensive cards over your doorbell to make trick or treaters earn their candy with a hearty “trick or treat” shout rather than simply ringing your doorbell. Punch a hole in the top and make a looped ribbon hanger or simply tape over your doorbell with double-sided tape. Made on 4 x 8 photo cards and designed by Lynda Angelastro, template numbers are 68065, 68060 and 68069.


Dress Up Your Decor
Create a festive atmosphere for the rest of the house by hanging our inexpensive 11 x 14 prints. Ready to frame and about the same price as a scrapbook page, these subway-styled prints bring color and just the right touch of creepiness to your holiday décor. The first two shown here are templates 93496 and 93497 and were designed by Kari Pieratt. The “Halloween Pumpkin Word Art” shown below is by Anna Gehmlich Bates. This extremely popular Halloween print, template 94485, is 14 x 11 in size.

Make Cute Candy Containers
Check out this month’s “Make It in Moments” article for a brand-new-this-season Halloween bucket template and instructions, for use on a “gallon size” clear plastic paint pail. If your child is dressing up as a particular animal or there is a theme you want to feature on a Halloween bucket, check Valentine’s buckets such as “All Animal Valentine’s Buckets,” by Lynda Angelastro, template 94334 (not shown here) and you may find just what you’re looking for. Simple change the word “VALENTINES” to “TRICK OR TREAT,” copy the name and change it to ‘BUCKET.”


Hand Out Cute Candy
Make stopping at your house or car a special Halloween treat with personalized giveaways. Use a set of playing cards, as Sandra Dovre did with her “Halloween Treat Cards.” Punch two holes in the sides to hold a sucker and you’ve got a stylish treat your family will be proud to hand out. Cutting back on candy treats? Use Sandra’s template 39719and punch larger holes for pencils, pens or even toothbrushes! Want to make up your own candy assortment to give away to special trick or treaters? We love Shanna Vineyard’s “Halloween Treat Bag Toppers,” template 94576. It’s a 12 x 12 scrap page that contains three, easy-to-cut-out treat toppers to put on your candy bags.


Invite Them to a Halloween Party
Having a ‘spooktacular’ event at your house or community center? We’ve got all kinds of spooky, scary, elegant or fun invitations to make your Halloween party super special. “Spooktacular Halloween,” template 92777, is a 4 x 6 invitation, by Anna Gehmlich Bates that has the party invitation on the reverse side. “Eat, Drink, and be Scary Invitation,” is template 94602; it’s a 5 x 7 invitation by Michelle Bell and has that popular blackboard look.

Let Them Know You’re Thinking of Them
Send a card sometime other than Christmas! A Halloween card fits the bill nicely and lets them know you’re thinking of them. Shown here, from Kari Pieratt is “Bugs & Kisses Halloween,” a 7 x 5 greeting card, template 108373. If you’re not able to be with some of your favorite people this Halloween, let them know you care with this card.


Make the Memories Live Forever
Halloween is often a picture taking party. Costumes, makeup, Halloween décor, organized outings, and seasonal events leave a lot of fun photos in that computer folder. Upload them to Heritage Makers and make a book they’ll cherish forever. We have loads to choose from. Start with a simple one like “Who Are You?” template 111644, a square flip book by Cassie Balser. It makes a perfect brag or gift book, contains a funny poem most kids can read on their own and is the perfect way to show off your family’s Halloween 2013!