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Heritage Makers Announces Management Changes

December 8, 2010

Heritage Makers has been a pioneer and leader in the memory preservation and personal publishing industry, and we continue to evolve and innovate. In keeping with that approach, the company announced the following changes to management: Justin Biggs, former Vice President of Technology and Operations will now serve as General Manager, and Patti Gardner, former Director of Sales and Leadership, will now serve as President of Heritage Makers. Past President Doug Cloward will remain involved with Heritage Makers as Co-Founder and Board Member. Past Chief Executive Officer Chris Lee will continue his work with Heritage Makers as the Chairman of the Board. Additionally, Brytt Cloward will remain as the Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing.

Co-Founder and Board Member Sharon Murdoch commented, “Both Patti and Justin have had the privilege of learning from the best–  our former executive leaders,  Doug Cloward and Chris Lee.” She continued, “It seems like Christmas morning as we end this year and begin what I believe to be a magical next five years of upward growth. We are at a ‘tipping point’ in the  history of Heritage Makers at exactly the right time in the photo/memory industry….so hang on!”


“I am so excited for the direction, leadership and amazing enhancements that are on the horizon,” said Wendy McGee, a Diamond Executive Director. “Heritage Makers is poised to be THE company that sets the standard not only for personal storybooking, but also for the most fantastic choice in a rewarding direct sales business.”

Amy Dickerson, another Executive Director, adds, “I have never been more excited than I am right now because of the planning being done for the new year and beyond. I am eager to work closely with our new Corporate Executive team whom I trust completely. Let’s rally together and make 2011 the best year Heritage Makers has ever seen!”

We look forward to celebrating our fifth anniversary in 2011, and to introducing many new and exciting opportunities in preserving our memories and honoring our heritage. We hope you’ll join with us in congratulating our new leadership team and in lending your support as we begin this new chapter in the Heritage Makers story.