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Stories Aren’t Told Without Storytellers

April 8, 2008

I have a lengthy commute to the office every day, so I’ve started listening to Podcasts as I take the van pool or drive in to work. I’ve found some incredible audio to inspire and educate me as I drive. One of my favorites is called Hardcore History. The speaker, Dan Carlin, focuses each episode on a theme from history to teach lessons about today.

A recent edition tells the story of the Apache tribe and an English teacher from Kentucky named Eve Ball. Eve moved to New Mexico in the 1950’s to interview members of the Apache tribe on the Mescalero Reservation who had personally experienced the Apache wars, the warrior chief Geronimo, and their disastrous and bloody removal to New Mexico. Realizing that the first-hand accounts would soon disappear as the tribe’s elders were dying, Eve Ball made it her personal crusade to interview and record hundreds of tribal members and their photographs and experiences. Today, there is one reason why we know as much as we do about the Apache tribe. There is one person to thank. That person is Eve Ball.

The recording of memories, and the capture and celebration of heritage, requires storytellers. We can be storytellers in our own way, for topics that follow our own unique passions, just like Eve Ball.