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HM Magnet Board

March 8, 2010


A canvas doesn’t have to be just a canvas. You can easily turn it into another creation—a bulletin board or a magnet board.

Instructions for a bulletin board and magnet board are virtually the same. For our purposes (and because I like the idea of a magnet board better—no holes through the canvas), we are going to focus on a magnet board.

Items needed:
A Canvas print
A magnetic metal sheet 1 1/2 inches smaller than the canvas on all sides
Heavy-duty staple gun


  1. Create a canvas, any size (I suggest the bigger sizes—not the 8×8 or the 8×20). Put any design and any photographs you want. Then publish and order it. Once your canvas arrives, you continue with the next steps.
  2. Place the metal sheet behind the canvas. (You can get a metal sheet from a home improvement store—you may have to cut it down to size—or from a metal supply shop.
  3. Staple the metal sheet into the canvas frame as you would a picture in a picture frame. You’ll want make sure the staples are close enough to the canvas to secure the metal sheet in place, but far enough away so you don’t puncture the canvas.
  4. Optional: instead of stapling the metal sheet into the frame, you can use a strong tape (such as duct or gorilla) to attach the metal to the back of the canvas, as shown below.

Once you’re finished, place the new magnet board on your wall. You now have a decorative and useful addition to your home.