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HM Project 365 Features

March 19, 2010

Wow! We’ve got some great photos to feature today. After looking through a few blogs I can see that many of you have some great photos that will look great in any project.

Love this picture by Dari Blake. She captured the perfect moment with this boy’s big smile and hands up in the air. It just screams excitement.

This black and white photo by Jeremy English would look great on a canvas. And can you believe it was taken with an iPhone? So nice that we live in this digital age when capturing the moments has been made that much easier.

The angle this photo was taken on is just plain fun and adds a great perspective to the Benson Family Blog.

Kids really do grow up so fast but pictures just like Collette’s help us remember every moment.

And we can’t forget the action. Becky Logan really captures the excitement of this basketball game.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your Project 365 blog with us. Your photos look amazing.