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HM Project 365 Re-do

May 11, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I have not been doing so well on my Project 365. So, I’ve decided I need to set some new goals to help me achieve this… and really, help me preserve the everyday moments.

I realized that when I made the goal to take a picture everyday, I didn’t think it through. I hadn’t decided what kind of pictures I wanted to take. Do I want to take pictures of my family? my dog? the everyday nature outside my house? I had no idea. And I also hadn’t thought about what I would do with the pictures once I had them. Did I really just want them to sit on a blog forever?

Originally, I took pictures of random objects—an apple on my desk, a small notepad of colored paper, a shelf on my wall. But these didn’t really make for the interesting stories I wanted to preserve. I didn’t want to follow a blog so uninteresting and I’m sure no one else wanted to either.

So, here I am… at the beginning. It’s not too late for me to start over. But this time I will do it right.

First, I need to decide what my ultimate goal is. Really, what I would like to do is create a coffee table book with the 13×11 Legacy storybook, displaying nature shots. I’m not the best photographer, but having such a goal will help me learn. After I have completed this goal, I can move on to other picture-taking goals that will help me preserve the moments.

Second, I already have a blog and a camera, now I need to make sure I set aside some time each day to take the photos and post them on my blog. I don’t have much time in the morning, but I could certainly find time after work.

Third, I need to be sure to record the story. I am a writer, as are you all, after all. With each post I could write a creative blub—whether it is an explanation, poem, quote, or made-up story.

Once I feel I have the photos I need I can easily design and create my book.

There you have it. I can still participate in Project 365 even if it is a little late and I missed quite a few days. And it helps to have a bigger purpose in this goal.

Summary of My New Project 365 Goal

Ultimate Purpose: Create an 11×13 Legacy storybook, featuring nature shots.
Execution: Everyday after work (except on weekends when I will have more time) I will take a few photos of the nature around my house or wherever I happen to be. I will then post some pictures on my blog along with a creative blurb. Once I have all the pictures I want, I will create my book.
Start Date: May 11, 2010

You can view my blog Light and Rain (also found in the sidebar). Go ahead and give me photo tips and make sure I keep on the ball.

Here are just a few templates you can use to generate some of your own Project 365 Heritage Makers ideas. You can also view more in the Template Gallery.

Project 365 Revised designed by Darcie Toom
12×12 storybook, Template ID: 25695

Nature’s Bounty designed by Susan Chaney
13×11 Legacy storybook, Template ID: 2260

Jill Means’ Family Photo Album designed by Jill Means
12×12 storybook, Template ID: 29158