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Hobby #5: Fun for Everyone

January 21, 2010

You can do more than decorate and make storybooks. One of the perks of Studio is you can do whatever your imagination thinks of. And that includes making games.

You’ll want to make sure you add making games to your hobby list this year. And we don’t have just card games, but board games, as well, in our Template Gallery. Take a look at what kind of games you can make:

You’ll love the Shiver Me Timbers Template designed by Wenda Top (Template ID 5757). Personalizing your cards with your family’s photos and a fun themes always makes the game that much better.

You’re kids will love the sports themed playing cards. HM Football Trading Cards designed by Roxanne Buchholz (Template ID: 19928) is perfect for showing off your football star.

Make a fun photo checker board game with A Checkered Past designed by Darcie Toom (Template ID: 16663). The whole family will have hours of fun with this game.

You’ll love the How My Day Will Be! Spinner designed by Shara and David Darke (Template ID: 20353). All the directions for putting it together are right there. 

And, of course, there are so many other templates you can choose from in the Template Gallery. Just search “game” and you will find personalized templates for the games you love to play.