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Holiday Card Keepsakes

December 24, 2015

Ah, precious holiday cards. Every year we get a new collection of cards from friends and family, celebrating the festive season and the new year. Whether the cards were painstakingly crafted, store-bought and handwritten, or quickly created using a digital medium like Heritage Makers, each and every one was sent with love and well-wishes for the new year. But then, what to do with those special cards once the holiday season has ended? Do we simply throw them away and never look back? Or is there, perhaps, something better to be done? Below are a few of our favorite suggestions and tutorials to keep those holiday cards around to enjoy for years to come.

book binding

 One fabulous way to keep your special cards around for the next holiday season is to bind them together in a small book. This beautiful method  from The Nerd Nest uses an old hardbound novel that would look incredible on your shelf! The linked article shows how the author used this method to create a Christmas memory album, but this could easily be done to bind cards together.

For a simpler binding method, try a simple O-ring binding as suggested by Honey Bear Lane. Or easily string your cards together with a lovely ribbon, as Cate recommends on her blog, DomestiCate. And how fun and easy would it be to print a fun cover page or divider through Heritage Makers for each year of cards? Something personal to tie the cards together.

coasters and bookmarks

Check out Zensible Mama for these fun tutorials on turning special digital or traditional holiday cards into fun coasters or bookmarks! How cute would these be for simple gifts?


For those of us with a crafty streak, try this adorable repurposed decorative garland by Bobbi Lewin.


Or maybe this equally fun and festive Christmas tree globe ornament from Keeping With The Times.



Lastly, gives us this phenomenal idea to keep the memories and family pictures without keeping all the paper that adds to the clutter of our homes! For those who are fully entrenched in the digital age, why not take a quick photo of the holiday card and make it the contact photo for that person all year long. If nothing else, it keeps the pictures close at hand and helps us remember each person in that family throughout the year. What a simple and useful idea!

So many fun ideas to help us keep our cherished loved ones close every holiday season. Whether you prefer simple or crafty, we hope you will enjoy these suggestions and find a way that works for you! As today is Christmas Eve, we at Heritage Makers and Youngevity want to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Happy Whatever-you-choose-to-celebrate!