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Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen

December 3, 2013
Originally posted November 2013
by Roxanne Buchholz, Studio Creative Team Manager


Gifts from the kitchen are special because they are personal and come right from the heart. Putting together a homemade food gift can be as easy as mixing together a few pantry staples or adding your own personal touches to a store-bought item.

Once you’ve assembled all of your gifts, you’ll want to package them beautifully. That’s where Heritage Makers comes in. In addition to adding a ribbon or bow, check out the many creative labels, gift tags, recipe cards, and cookbooks available in our Template Gallery.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get you started:

Have a delicious holiday recipe you would like to share? What about attaching a 6 x 4 recipe card to your homemade treat this year? The recipient will love that you’ve shared the recipe and the card will also act as your gift tag. “Favorite Holiday Recipe” by Cynthia Coulon, template 97147; “Holiday Recipe 1” by Cynthia Coulon, template 93059; “Dessert Recipe Card” and “Main Dish Recipe Card” by Sara Wise, templates 113318 and 113319, are perfect examples.

For the tea-lover, how about this cute “Leanne Steeped Tea Guide” designed by Leanne Reist-Barr, template 114122. Customize with your name, punch a hole in the top of the card, and tie with ribbon to your favorite loose-leaf tea.

If you are a bit more adventurous, how about sharing your favorite family recipes in a cookbook? Whether they are fun and seasonal or cherished recipes passed down from generation to generation, family cookbooks are priceless and will be cherished for years to come. Take a look at Kari Pieratt’s “Favorite Holiday Recipes” square flip book, template 113357 and Roxanne Buchholz’ “Our Favorite Recipes” 6 x 9 wire-bound book, template 114395.

Personalize this fun 12 x 12 scrap page of holiday tags with your family name and enjoy attaching them to a gift of freshly baked muffins or muffin mix! “You’re Getting Muffin” from Cynthia Coulon, template 97140,

Give your friends and neighbors a little extra holiday dough with these clever 12 x 12 scrap page projects. Personalize these fun holiday tags with your family name and enjoy attaching them to a gift of cookie or bread dough! Simply cut out and adhere to a canister, bag, or box of your choice. Seen below are “Holiday Dough” templates 110125 and 97145, both from Cynthia Coulon.

For a perfect holiday neighbor gift, use this 12 x 12 double-sided scrap page “Soda-lighted” by Cynthia Coulon, template 109376. This fun template features clever tags to attach to bottles of soda. Simply cut out circles with scissors or a 3-inch circular paper punch. Seen below the clever bottle labels is an example of how to customize the template to fit your gift-giving needs. As you can see, the “soda-lighted” template phrase can be changed to “for our super sweet neighbors” and placed on the top of a small jar of candy. What a super sweet idea!

Another sweet idea is to treat your family and friends to one of these adorable buckets. These holiday labels are designed to be attached to the side and lid of a gallon-size clear plastic paint bucket from your local craft store. “Holiday Junk Food Bucket,” template 44281, and “Holiday Cookie Bucket,” template 37815, both by Roxanne Buchholz, are just two options. To see the many different themed bucket labels that are available in our Template Gallery, simply search “bucket”.

All of the products featured here are easy to customize and would make terrific gifts for family, friends, and neighbors – and don’t forget about hostess gifts, too. Unleash your culinary creativity this year and give a few gifts from your kitchen and your heart.