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How to Make a Custom Print in Minutes

August 15, 2014
by Brooke Mehr, HM Product Assistant

Colorful word art prints make fun, interchangeable home decor items. They are easily customized to fit any color scheme, home decor style, or holiday celebration. And, with Studio, it only takes a moment to create something that is both fun and functional! Here is a quick suggestion and example, using “Dream Big – Blue,” template 124852, and “Dream Big – Pink,” template 124854, both 11 x 14 prints by Brooke Mehr.

When you find a template in the Heritage Makers Template Gallery that you would like to customize, simply open the project in Studio and make as many changes as you like. With these word art prints, your adjustments may be as simple as changing the colors to match the decor of your home or as imaginative as adding a name, changing the text in the word art, and replacing the solid background color with a textured paper. The options are endless!

Today, we will stick to simply changing the colors in a word art design to create an entirely different feel. This template was created in boyish shades of teal, green, and soft greys, but it is easy to change the colors to playful tones of pink, yellow, and orange to suit a little girl’s bedroom.

You can change the color of a piece of text in either the Tool Box or the new Tool Bar. In the Tool Box, the color picker tool can be found under the Tools tab. In either place, you will see a colored box that is the same color as the text is currently. There is also a small white triangle. Clicking that triangle opens up the color picker, which will be explained below.


To change the solid fill color on a background, you will go to the Fill Color slider in either the Tool Box or the new Tool Bar. In the Tool Box, this is located under the Effects tab. In the Tool Bar, you will find it by clicking the far left button on the Tool Bar. In the window that opens, click the second tab, which looks like a small photograph.

Notice that the Fill Color tool has a slider bar and a color picker. The slider bar can be used to apply a partial fill on an object.

To activate the color picker in either of these places, click the small white triangle in the colored box. A selection of colors will be available, as you can see, but you are also able to use your cursor, which is now an ink dropper tool, to pick a color out of any item on your Studio screen. You can pick colors out of a photo, embellishment, another text box, or many other things.

When you hover the ink dropper over an item, it will pick up that color and apply it to your selected text box. You can continue to move the ink dropper around and it will continually change the color of your text, according to where your cursor is hovering. To select a color, just click your cursor while the color picker is displaying the color you would like to use. Get creative and see what you come up with!