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Instagram Photo Contest

March 3, 2015


It is finally time for our first ever Instagram photo contest! The contest theme for this month is “Heritage Makers in the home”, so we would like you to snap a photo of an area where your Heritage Makers projects are showcased in your home and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #HMinthehome. You will need to use this hashtag with each photo you submit for it to qualify as an entry. 

Remember that this contest goes throughout the month of March, with one winner being randomly selected each week to receive 20 publishing points. Heritage Makers publishing points can also be used to purchase any Youngevity product. Just give our Customer Support a call and they can place your order with points! We will choose a winner each Tuesday starting next week, March 10, and ending Tuesday, March 31 around noon. We will repost the winning photos on our account each week and the winners will be notified via email.

Here are a couple of examples from Cynthia Coulon and Brooke Mehr:

20150227_103429 (1)


There is no limit to the number of pictures you can submit, so feel free to enter each week. We do ask that if you submit multiple times, make sure they are each different photos, not the same photo showing the same products multiple times. The point of this contest is to share the personal projects that you have made and how you have decided to display them in your home to help inspire others!

We mentioned this in our blog article two weeks ago, but here is a reminder to make sure we get all of your entries. If your profile is set to private we will not be able to see the photos you post, even if they have the contest hashtag, #HMinthehome. To participate, you can switch your profile to public or you will need to share your photos directly to the Heritage Makers account. To do this, select your photo to post as you normally would, but when you see the share options, instead of sharing to your followers, tap “direct”, and then you will be able to select our account and send the picture directly to us. The photo below shows what this screen will look like. Posts sent with Instagram Direct can’t be shared through Instagram to other sites like Facebook or Twitter.

You can check out what other people are submitting by searching for the hashtag #HMinthehome. This will bring up all photos posted with that hashtag so far. If you missed our blog article a couple weeks ago and still have questions about Instagram and how we plan to use it, you can read the article here. We are very excited to see what you all will share — good luck and have fun!