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It’s Time for More Exciting Announcements

August 13, 2010

Did you think all of the great announcements happened yesterday? Think again! We’ve got more very exciting announcements here at the Heritage Makers Reunion.

Want to know where TAC (Top Achievers Club) trip is next time? How about an amazing cruise on the Liberty of the Seas to the Western Caribbean? Come play with us and party on the seas!

Check out the great group we had join us in 2010! More are sure to join us next year.


Looks like we’ll have an even bigger group join us in 2011 on the Oasis of the Seas!


Ready for another announcement?

Introducing the consultant newsletter! Celebrations is the next generation of newsletters at Heritage Makers. This newsletter will help you build relationships with your clients and help you communicate timely messages. It’s professionally created by the home office each month. Plus, you hve the ability to upload your own photo. We’ll also include links that send your clients straight to your website. And we haven’t forgotten about your social media sites. We’ll send people there too!

It’s certainly an exciting time to be at Heritage Makers! Join us again tonight as we blog about the Awards Banquet.