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I’ve Been Storybooked

October 24, 2008

Submitted by Sharon Murdoch

Since Candy wrote the first storybook about my father some 10 years ago I have never had anyone write my story. It was always my intent to write my own story, but like the shoemaker, I was always too busy helping others to create their memories.  

But, one day a few months ago, my two precious daughters held a birthday party for me with six of my 10 grandchildren at the party. There was the usual noise, balloons, cake and presents to open.  We all had fun giggling with delight. Then Candy reached into a box and produced a 12 x 12 book. My grandbabies helped me to rip off the paper. What happened next was nothing I ever thought could happen to me.  

There in front of me, on the entire cover of the book, was my picture at age eight. The grandbabies wanted to see more and so did I. As I started to read, the tears of love and joy flooded down my face. I had to keep telling the little ones that I was happy and the sobs were part of this happiness. I don’t think they got it, but they will some day as I intend to create all their books at each stage of their lives.

Yes, I was storybooked. When I am in my “turbo” wheelchair someday, I will retell this story over and over, probably to the chagrin of my audiences, as this undoubtedly was one of my most treasured days.

If you have not written your loved ones’ stories, do not wait.  Please allow them to experience a most treasured day!

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