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Jar of Tears

April 19, 2010

Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to celebrate the women in your life. And no matter how you celebrate, the message always communicates clearly. Just take the following for example.

Aldine Allen knew just how to celebrate her mother last Christmas. She created a book of all her father’s stories he wrote to her mother. She celebrated not only her father’s beautiful work, but also his love for a special woman.

By Aldine Allen

My father is a prolific writer.  He has enjoyed writing stories for many years. For several years he, along with my mom, wrote a Christmas Story for the grandchildren every year.  He would make copies and send them to each of his six children to share with their children during the Christmas holiday.

Recently he has tried to have some of his writings published, but no company would do it. The main reason I became a distributor was so I could publish some of his stories for him. The first one I published was “Jar of Tears” which is a beautiful story he wrote to my mother, telling of the happy and sad tears that they have shared throughout their 69 years of marriage.

I sent them the book for Christmas and I am excited for them to open it and realize one of his stories has been published. I sent a link to many family members and three of them also wanted a copy. Of course I made one for me, too, to share with my customers at my workshops.

I have almost completed his compilation of Christmas stories in a 12 x 12 book and I am excited to get it published. I love Heritage Makers and the opportunity it has given me to publish some of the stories my father has written and to share them with other family members.

See the book Aldine created here.

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