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June Stories & More

June 24, 2008

The Ultimate Father’s Day Surprise

Last year I made a Father’s Day storybook for my husband Merv, and he loved it so much that I decided to make him one this year too. I used the HM Exclusive Father’s Day 7×5 book template and filled it with pictures of him and our two children as well as some heartfelt sentiments. The last page of the book was the real “gift.” I placed two ultrasound pictures on it and wrote, “Daddy, I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you from my siblings, and I’m so honored that you will be my Daddy, too! I’m looking forward to meeting you on or about January 10, 2009!”

We actually gave Merv the book as soon as we received it, which was a week before Father’s Day. He was so surprised and overcome with emotion as he read that last page.

We decided to wait to tell the rest of the family on Father’s Day at the luncheon we already had planned. I gave my parents one copy of the book and Merv’s parents another so that they could look through it at the same time. My mother-in-law had the best reaction of all!

This experience will definitely be included in our baby’s storybook. These were truly priceless moments for our family and a great celebration of the new baby we will be welcoming to our family soon.

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