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Keep Working Your HM Project 365

February 18, 2010

Let’s face it. HMProject 365 sounded so much fun in the beginning, but now we’re forgetting to take those pictures, getting busy with other things, and feeling bad for missing so many days of photo taking already.

However, we also want to take those pictures. Project 365 was started not to create busy work or become a distraction in our lives, but to help us capture the moments so we don’t later say, “I wish I had taken a picture.”

So, if you haven’t started yet, feel you don’t have time, or feel guilty for missing a few days, no worries. You can still find great opportunities to capture the moments. Here are just a few suggestions:

Use Your Phone: You most likely carry your phone with you everywhere. So if your phone has a camera, make use of it. Heritage Makers Art Director Jeremy English has made great use of his phone’s camera. In fact, his entire HM Project 365 blog is full of pictures he has taken from his iphone. Take a look here.

Carry a Camera with You Everywhere: If you keep a camera in you purse or your pocket (depending on the size), you won’t have any excuses for not taking that perfect photo opportunity.

Look for Special Opportunities: The opportunities to take a picture are everywhere. Take a picture of your pet eating, your kids playing, your home-cooked meal, the snow on your car, the first bud of spring… If you walk throughout your house with your camera, you’ll find great subjects for your photo shoot.