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Laugh-Friendly Month

February 17, 2010

This is one of my favorite celebrations this month. The best moments are the moments of laughter. And it’s laughter that can carry us through the hard times. So, the point of this celebration? To honor laughter and friendship. Here’s how you can celebrate Heritage Makers style:


  1. Think of a friend, one you laugh with.
  2. Take a picture… or two—a good one would be of the two of you laughing.
  3. Make a poster, scrap page, or canvas using that picture.
  4. Publish and display OR give to your friend… why not print two and give one and keep one for yourself.


Looking for design ideas? Here’s a fun one:

“Friends” Basic Poster
Designed by Aileen Redmon
18×12 landscape poster
Template ID: 431