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Leadership Meeting at the Biltmore

August 11, 2010

Before we begin the general sessions with all the consultants, we like to take some time to visit and get to know our leaders. This morning at the Biltmore as part of the Heritage Makers Reunion, we held a special leadership meeting. Here are some of the highlights.


What is a leader? Doug got the leaders excited about being a leader and showing what a leader does. A leader leads! Inspire, instruct, motivate!


Do you remember how your story started? We remember how the Heritage Makers story started. It all started with a story that inspired someone else. Our story is our inspiration, no matter what that story is.

After a moving round of Doug at the microphone, everyone came away ready to build their businesses.

Next up: Chris Lee. Chris shared his vision for the future of Heritage Makers. It’s looking good around here!

Coming up in the next blog…pampering sessions. Oohhhh, wait until you see how we at Heritage Makers treat our consultants. We’re talking spas, massages, shopping sprees. You’re going to love what we have to show you!