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Let’s get Organized!

January 27, 2016

The new Our Memories for Life Multi-Pocket Organizer Folders are here, so no excuses!

Lauren-organization-foldersYou know the saying, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” well I am so happy to have found a place and a way to keep all my OMFL paper collections and solid color cardstock at my fingertips. Getting pages done is so much faster when you have the supplies you need handy and your paper is easy to find and easy to put away.

Let’s take a closer look at the folders and some ways you can organize your collections.


Each folder has three pockets on the front, a large gusseted center pocket, and a single pocket on the back. These folders are perfect for organizing the designer collections and are large enough to hold all the collection’s pieces. I like being able to easily grab my border strips so I slip them in the right bottom pocket. The journal cards go next to them and then all the small pieces I want to keep track of go in the long top pocket. You may have noticed that I like using strips in my layouts and the back pocket is the perfect place to keep them. I look here first for the color or pattern I need for my page and if I need a new sheet, I go to the center section where I keep all my full 12 x 12 sheets.


Here are some other ways to organize your collections. If you prefer to have your border strips tucked away, the top pocket is long enough to hold both sizes. Then you can keep your journal cards and small pieces in the bottom two pockets. The back pocket is also a great place to hold the matching sticker collections and alpha stickers.


Let’s not forget organizing all our new solid color cardstock! I love using the rainbow color order for organizing my paper and then adding in neutrals, black & grey, and white & cream folders. If you want a more substantial insert, just use the back of one of the cardstock inserts and cut it to size. These look so pretty when they are all lined up together!


And one more surprise… If you like the Border Maker Tools Case to organize your cartridges, punches and other tools, you will love what’s coming in late spring. A new coordinating case that will hold our organizer folders! Now this I can’t wait to get! It will be so easy to grab the paper I need, my album, photos, and tool box. I’ll be organized AND portable!

– Lauren