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Life Lessons That Online Scrapbooking Can Teach Us

April 11, 2013

Online scrapbooking is our favorite way to capture meaningful events and memories—so they’ll last a lifetime. But it can also be so much more! Here are some of the lessons online scrapbooking has taught us along the way.

Take Time to Reflect

One of the most wonderful aspects of online scrapbooking is the time it gives us to reminisce. We look closely at our photos. We remember the events. We write down memories. And most importantly, we reflect on our feelings about the people in the photos smiling back at us.

Life is often so busy we rush from one event to the next without a moment’s pause. Taking time to reflect can make life more enjoyable and let’s us focus on small pleasures. Reflection also offers us a chance to see things afresh that we’ve been taking for granted (usually people).

Take Time to be Creative

When we’re working on our scrapbooks, we’re creatively focused. We give attention to and enjoy even the smallest details of our projects. We take pleasure in choosing and combining colors, patterns, words and embellishments in just the right way to celebrate our photos and memories.

As adults we often don’t give ourselves time to discover or recharge our own creativity. But the simple act of participating in a creative hobby can bring great rewards, including elevated moods and a heightened sense of fulfillment.

Take Time to Share

The best thing about online scrapbooking is sharing the keepsakes we’ve created with the people we love. We show our family and friends just how important they are when we show them their very own scrapbooked stories. It’s so rewarding to turn photos and memories into beautiful keepsakes that can be enjoyed and shared for years to come!