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Magic Moments for Storybooks: February

February 21, 2013

Each month, we are surprised with moments that aren’t always planned. Sometimes, they become some of the best memories. Big or small, each one of these moments is special, because it’s unique to you and those that you shared it with. These moments also present perfect photo-taking opportunities to capture memories and create storybooks for our little ones to look back on as they grow up, or to share with loved ones who are far away.

Oftentimes, we think to pull out the camera for bigger life events, such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays. But we want to continue to encourage you to keep it handy to capture the simple, more intimate moments your family stumbles upon each month. After all, these are the moments that will most likely stick with your children as they make their way through life and look forward to repeating when they have kids of their own! Family ski trips, playing in the snow, and game nights by the fire are just a few moments to take advantage of this month. Embrace the cold and create one-of-a-kind memories!

In the past, capturing spontaneous moments wasn’t so easy, but thanks to improving technology, many of us now carry cameras with us wherever we go! Many smart phones are equipped with cameras and are capable of producing images of quality close to that of other digital cameras.  Spend a few minutes getting familiar with your own camera phone and the features it offers. There are also several apps available that can enhance the quality of your photos even further. The best part is, you can take as many photos as you want to get that perfect shot! Your favorite camera phone photos can then be used to create storybooks and other digital photo projects.

So, the next time an impromptu snowball fight breaks out in the back yard, or your kids decide to put on a puppet show, grab a camera, snap some candid shots and create a storybook showcasing the ‘magic moments’ your family experienced together this month! We promise you’ll be happy you did – and your kids will thank you someday!

What ‘Magic Moments’ will inspire you to create a special storybook this month?