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Make It In Moments: Halloween Treat Buckets

October 7, 2013

by Lynda Angelastro, Studio Product Manager

Personalized Halloween Buckets
Create a custom bucket to pass candy out on Halloween night or for the kids to take trick or treating or to the “trunk or treat.” Children of all ages love having their name on a colorful Halloween container and it’s also a great way to show off Heritage Makers art and templates. Most buckets have been made in the past using clear plastic “gallon size” pails purchased online or from craft and hobby stores. Recently, you’ve been experimenting with painted buckets and metal containers, buckets and tin cans. Here’s how to make our templates work on any type of container.

New Size
Our bucket templates for “gallon size” clear plastic paint pails were created using 12 x 12 scrap pages. These templates contain two sets of bucket labels for each 12 x 12 page. One of our newest Halloween templates, 111032, “FANGtastic Halloween Bucket” by Lynda Angelastro uses a similarly priced 14 x 11 print. With this print, the two sets of lids or labels can be much larger and other design options can be expanded to accommodate many kinds of treat containers.

Import a Page
If you’d like to increase some aspect of the design size of your 12 x 12 scrap page, use our import-a-page function and bring the 12 x 12 page over to a 14 x 11 print. From there, press your shift key down to multiple-select items and increase or decrease the size until it meets your needs. If you have not used this feature before, go to our Support Center (link appears in bottom menu of Heritage Makers website) and type “import” into the search box. You can also search for other topics you’re interested in.

Make it Fun, Make it Now
Whatever container shape or size you decide on this Halloween, you’ll find loads of possibilities to help make Halloween décor in just your style. Search on “bucket” in our brand new Template Gallery, and you’ll find the theme they’ll adore and products they’ll enjoy for your family’s Halloween season.