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Make It In Moments: Holiday Gift Tags

November 6, 2013
by Lynda Angelastro, Studio Product Manager

Holiday Gift Labels
Take one of our popular label templates, customize it two or three ways and you’ll have a wonderful way to tell your neighbors how much they’re appreciated this holiday season. As an added bonus, have a few labels of various kinds pre-printed and ready to go, and make a gift out of almost anything if unexpected guests arrive during the holidays. Let’s take a look!

The Customizable Template
Shown here is one of the easiest templates to customize. “Soda-Lighted” by Cynthia Coulon, is a double-sided (green checks on back) 12 x 12 scrap page, template 109376.

Soda-Lighted You’re Our Neighbors!
Personalize with your family name, but otherwise leave it as is (above, the labels in the bottom right-hand corner are shown as-is) for gifts of classic soda pop in fun retro or holiday-style bottles.

Add the family name and change the type to read “For Our Super Sweet Neighbors” and you have a set of labels to attach to the top of jelly jars filled with holiday sweet treats. Change to read “For Our Nacho Ordinary Neighbors” and you can add labels to your own home-canned or store bought salsa.

Gifts for Bed and Bath
Make your labels read “We WASH you a Merry Christmas” and they can adorn fancy liquid soap, scented bar soaps, or bath salts for another great and original gift.

Have a Sheet on Hand
Create a sheet of custom labels with your family name and a variety of fun messages on them. Stock a jar or two of salsa and some candy in your cupboard and you have an instant gift when unexpected company calls. There’s nothing better than a gift you can make in moments!