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Managing Your Photos

March 8, 2010

One of the best parts about My Studio is the photo storage system. And to help you make the most of your storage and use of photos, we’ve got a few tips from the home office.

Before Uploading Pictures
By Bryndi Cloward, Leadership Services

Because of the digital age and because camera memory is not an issue, we can take 100 pictures of some small-hour events. Many times we will take the same shot five to seven times just to make sure we get a good shot. But for a book, we don’t need all seven shots of Billy Joe eating his corn on the cob.

Before uploading to Heritage Makers, go through your pictures and clean them out.  Pick your one or two best sunset pictures. Don’t clutter your HM folder with 15 pictures of the same sunset. Choose the ones that are most vibrant to you. By doing this, not only will you clean up space on your hard drive, but you will make creating your book that much easier.

Manage Your Photos First
By Debbi Heaps, HR/Exec. Admin

Take the time to manage your photos before you take them off your camera. Doing so will help eliminate some of the overwhelming frustration of having to search through all your photos later. It’s that ole “take time to sharpen the saw” wisdom.

If Problems Occur
By Marshyl Cloward, Director of Client Services

When uploading your photos, if you get a 2038 error, or only a couple of images load while others don’t or get stuck loading, go to the original file on your computer and open it using an image view program. Resave the image as a JPG and re-upload the image to Heritage Makers.

Rotate Photos
By Lynda Angelastro, Project Manager

Before you upload photos to Heritage Makers, rotate images so they are set at the right angle. You can rotate inside Studio (not within your photos folder); however, when you submit a project as a template with photos that have been rotated inside Studio, new photos—if in the correct rotation before—will no longer be rotated correctly. Making sure your photos are rotated correctly before hand will help your design and other designs flow mush easier.

For Basic Account Members
By Megan Vernon, Client Services Rep.

With a Basic account, you have limited photo storage space (1 GB), compared to the space Premier members have. To help save space, only upload the photos you know you are going to use in the project.