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Me and My Mom

April 21, 2015

Moms are extremely special to us at Heritage Makers. What better time than Mother’s Day to show your appreciation for the love, dedication, and sacrifice that she has shown throughout the years? From simple, yet meaningful, cards to professionally designed canvases, brag bags, mugs and more, Heritage Makers has a special template just waiting for you to share with your mom.

To start her day off right, a lovely card would be perfect. With a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from, all of our templates can easily be customized in minutes. Some of our newest favorites are “Modern Mother Subway” 8 x 4 Photo Card, template 133575; “Simple Mother’s Day” 8 x 4 Photo Card, template 133610; “Stamp of Love” 8 x 4 Photo Card, template 133615; “Definition of Grandmother” 5 x 7 Greeting Card, template 133612; “Mother, I Love You” 5 x 5 Greeting Card, template 133562; “Mother, My Apologies” 5 x 7 Invitation, template 133609; “Turned Out Awesome” 4 x 8 Photo Card, template 133556; and “Floral Love” 4 x 6 Greeting Card, template 133630. Running short on time? Remember our wonderful direct shipping option available on most card sizes.

Mother's Day Cards

And don’t forget your grandmothers. Most grandmas love nothing more than to have pictures of their children and grandchildren, so how about this “Most Favorite Grandma” 8 x 4 photo card, template 133558 with its own coordinating Love Mug, template 133559, and adorable Brag Bag, template 133560. Grandma will love showing off her grandchildren to everyone around town.


And Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a heartfelt storybook to remember special moments in time shared with your mother. This fresh, collage-inspired design will work perfectly with new and old photos and could also be used as a wonderful family yearbook. “Always Remember” 12 x 12 Storybook, template 133587; 8 x 8 Storybook, template 133586; plus coordinating designs for a Brag Bag, template 133583; a Big Brag Bag, template 133584; and a Love Mug, template 133582 are sure to make this a Mother’s Day to remember.

Always Remember

Heritage Makers offers unique, customized cards and gifts that mom will cherish for years to come! To see our wide array of Mother’s Day designs and product templates, be sure to visit our Template Gallery today.