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More information – scheduled maintenance

October 15, 2010

Here is more information on the scheduled maintenance previously announced for 10:00 pm MDT October 16, to 12:00 am MDT October 17: 


The provider for the computer servers involved with login, VO, and ordering on the Heritage Makers site informed us that maintenance was scheduled for this weekend at the above time. We were not aware of this schedule and insisted that the work be delayed, but were told the service was mandatory and could not be changed. Our next option was to move it to as late as possible. It has now been scheduled for early Sunday morning, October 17, from 12:00 am until 4:00 am MDT (i.e.. moved to the early morning hours of the next day.) Going forward we will require a schedule of all planned maintenance sessions.


We realize that Free Premier weekend is not a good time to perform maintenance but hope that the new schedule will be less intrusive to users.


Thank you.