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New and Improved Colors

June 2, 2008

Have you noticed a color difference in your recently purchased Heritage Makers storybook? We’ve made some awesome advances in our printing process and are pleased to announce our new and improved colors on all storybooks and Heritage Makers products.

Here’s what we did:

Historically, the color on the covers of our storybooks has been saturated because of the laminate that we put on. This caused dramatic differences in the color on the cover when compared with the pages within the storybook. We have fixed this situation by implementing a new color profiling system. Your new storybooks may look lighter or less saturated when compared to your older books. However, the new storybooks are actually more color accurate than the old ones.

Also, covers will look and print more closely to the color of inside pages.

This new upgrade is just one of the many ways Heritage Makers is working to make sure you receive the best quality storybook in the industry!

Now, go make a storybook today to see the improvement for yourself!