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New Creative Team, New Templates!

August 14, 2013

It’s finally time to unveil the talented designers who were selected for the new 2013-2014 Heritage Makers Studio Creative Team! Our applicants this year answered our “Who is the Next Design Star?” call for entries. The competition was fierce! Many talented designers entered, making the final selections a difficult one. It’s an honor to welcome each member to the team, and we know you’ll enjoy seeing their inspiration as they create custom templates for you throughout the next year.

Returning as a senior team member this year is Michelle Bell from Gilbert, Arizona. We’re sure most of you are familiar with Michelle’s beautiful transitional design style. She has such a talent when it comes to family yearbooks, storybooks, and calendars. She has contributed over 300 templates to our Gallery and is truly a favorite as one of your designers.

Above are Michelle’s latest creations using our brand new art collections. “Love This, Love You” 20 x 16 wrapped canvas, 111404; “Merry Christmas Year in Review” 5 x7 greeting card, 111625; and “Winter Fun” 8 x 8 scrap page, 111414.

We’re also proud to welcome back Kari Pieratt as a senior team member. Kari, also from Gilbert, Arizona, has over 200 templates in our Gallery and offers you a clean, modern style which is always right on trend. Kari specializes in party décor, storybooks, and one-of-a-kind subway prints.

Below, you’ll see Kari’s beautiful design style in these new templates that she has created just for you. “Toy Box Loves” 8 x 8 softbound, 111669; “Happy Gallop Party: Invitation” 5 x 7 invitation, 109209; and “Gnome’s Life Family Calendar” 11 x 16 calendar, 111337.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the introduction of our new talent! Many of you may already be familiar with their work as these designers have been frequent contributors to our Template Gallery and consistently participate in our Facebook page design challenges.

Please welcome Cassie Balser from Saratoga Springs, Utah. Cassie has been an HM consultant for four years and loves creating subway art and flip books for her family and friends. She will be a great addition to the team with her very clean, transitional design style. Cassie has already been busy designing with our new art as seen above. Her latest templates include: “Love You More Today” 12 x 12 scrap page, 111504; “Who Are You?” square flip book, 111644; “Look Who’s Here – Boy” 7 x 5 invitation, 111579; and “Look Who’s Here – Girl” 7 x 5 invitation, 111630.

Kelsi Kunz, from Tomball, Texas, is also joining us this year. Kelsi is a fresh, new designer who has an eye for modern styling. Kelsi is a self-taught designer who used the Heritage Makers Facebook challenges to enhance her natural design abilities and learn Studio proficiently. Kelsi’s recent projects include many great cards to get you started off right with your holiday season: “Thinking of You” 4 x 6 greeting card, 111574; “Festive Light String Christmas” 5 x 7 invitation, 111576; “Snowflake Holiday” 7 x 5 invitation, 111577; and “Christmas Ornament Birth” 7 x 5 invitation, 111575.

From St. George, Ontario, Canada, we have Leanne Reist-Barr joining our team. Leanne started out as a traditional scrapbooker and has been featured in several publications including “The Joy of Scrapbooking.” After the birth of her fourth child, a friend convinced her to try “going digital” at Heritage Makers and she has been hooked ever since. Leanne is off to a great start and has many beautiful templates ready for you to get started on today. “Sweetheart” 12 x 12 scrap page, 111443; “All Aboard” 12 x 12 scrap page, 111444; and “Gnome Sweet Gnome” 20 x 8 wrapped canvas, 111442.


The final new member of our team is Sara Wise from Wasilla, Alaska. Sara also has a traditional scrapbooking background, has taught design classes over the years, and been featured in many scrapbooking publications including “Creating Keepsakes” and “Memory Makers” magazines. Sara offers a more traditional to transitional look with her designs and has become an expert in family yearbooks featuring our Snapshot Story layouts. She has already been busy creating lots of new, easy to follow templates. “Sweet Baby of Mine – Boy” 20 x 16 wrapped canvas, 111540; “1st Day of School” 12 x 12 wrapped canvas, 111262; “Over the Hill” 4 x 6 greeting card, 111413; “Train Birthday Invitation” 5 x7 invitation, 111083; and “Family Game Night” 12 x 12 scrap page, 111313.
Welcome to all of our very talented returning and new design team members! We know that each of them will make amazing contributions to our Template Gallery and offer you the selection and design style that you are looking for.