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Online Scrapbooking: Finding Inspiration Where You Least Expect It

January 30, 2013

In a world of online scrapbooking, we all know what it feels like to find our creativity well running dry. Oftentimes, it happens simply because we don’t know where to turn for new ideas. The good news is – inspiration is everywhere! Throughout our lifetime, we accumulate hundreds of mementos and objects, and our homes are the perfect place to discover inspiration.

By using treasured belongings and memories to inspire your online scrapbooking, you are creating a personal connection between your story and your art. Here are a few ideas for finding inspiration under your own roof!

The Walls of Your Home

The walls of our homes can say a lot about our personalities and style, from artwork to paint color. Look to these things for insight into your own personal style and the design elements you are drawn to. The same elements that define your home – wall art, framed quotes, that unique table lamp – can bring uniqueness to your online scrapbook!

In Your Closet

Fashion has influenced artists for centuries. The trends that grace the runway end up not only in our closets, but also in our artwork and other creative projects. Colors, patterns and textures of your favorite clothing and accessories can all contribute to the inspiration for your next digital masterpiece.

Your Music, Movie and Book Collections

A whole lot of inspiration can come from simply picking up one of your favorite books. Cover art offers everything from design layout to embellishment ideas that you can incorporate into your online scrapbooking. Don’t be afraid to borrow color combinations, typography and titles.

Outside Your Window

The next time you find yourself in a creativity rut, open your front door or glance out your kitchen window. A tree branch, a sunset, or a brick wall can inspire page themes, color stories and texture.  You never know what you’ll find if you don’t look!

Your home is the ultimate treasure chest for discovering meaningful and creative forms of inspiration to translate to your online scrapbooking.  After all, it’s a reflection of ourselves and the things we love the most!


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