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Opening Session – The Day of Giveaways

August 12, 2010

It’s opening session and you know what that means…Giveaways!

First up: on-time drawings. There’s a perk for being in your seat on time at Heritage Makers. Up for grabs are purses, jewelry, an iPod touch, luggage, an Xbox, and more! Check out the loot.


Remember ladies, you must yell “Time to Fly” and wear your cape everywhere you go in order to get your prizes on Friday!

After a moving tribute to WASP, Brytt took center stage. (We’ll get the beautiful tribute video to the WASP on YouTube soon).

We’re talking about products, production, and fabulous giveaways. It’s going to be a great morning.

First up: Products

The first story we ever told was about a grandfather told by a granddaughter. Let’s continue telling our stories.

Carol Steen, a Heritage Maker, is sharing her love of story. She finds magic in everything she does.  Carol shares her “why”: it’s about her grandkids. Paychecks to travel and paychecks of the heart are what keep Carol going.

Like chocolate, preserving stories is savoring. You savor the experience. Carol urged everyone to take the ordinary moments and savor them. Capture your family roots, capture your message for the next generation, capture the joy and happiness, capture the memories, capture hope, capture the family stories, and savor the cherished times.

Be sure to ask someone who was at Reunion about Opera Voice…it’s an HM sound!

Our product brings the gift of love, captured to savor over and over again.

Next on the docket: Brytt shares with us 4 businesses in 1.

1. Storybooks. Storybooks is at the heart of what we do at Heritage Makers.

2. Greeting Cards: How often do you send a card? How often should you?The little things, like a greeting card, are what keeps a relationship alive.

3.  Photo Gifts: Calendars, playing cards, swatch and flip books. How large is the calendar industry? Playing card industry? Gifting industry?

4. Canvases

Now, we’ve got Lynda Angelastro on stage to talk about canvases.

We’ve got a surprise coming up on stage. What is it?