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Photography Tips: Turn Tricky Halloween Shots into Treats

October 25, 2016

Halloween photography can be a little bit tricky and sometimes downright horrifying! Excited children on the move and low-light environments create unique challenges to capturing great pictures. So here are a few tips to help you turn tricky Halloween snapshots into treats that you’ll treasure for years to come.

  1. Get some shots while it’s still light. Grab the camera and take some pictures while the Halloween prep is going on. Then usher the kids outside before sunset when the light is warm the shadows are soft. Before dusk you can still get a few great shots at higher shutter speeds, before you run out of natural light and have to start using some tricks.
  1. Photos taken with direct flash can look harsh and washed out. After dusk, use a high ISO setting (400 or more), open up your aperture, and hold your camera as steady as you can (or use a tripod) to capture action without a flash.
  1. Use glow-sticks and flashlights (instead of a flash) to bring a little light into your photos—and enjoy the spooky shadows and glows.

  1. Go ahead and use your flash for close-ups of the cute and the ghoulish. Just get close enough to your subject’s face so the flash lights everything in the frame. Remember to turn on your camera’s red-eye reduction feature.
  1. Try putting a piece of red or orange cellophane over your camera’s flash to eliminate artificial flash tones.
  1. To capture your glowing jack-o-lanterns, it’s important to turn off your flash. Instead, use a long shutter speed and steady your camera on a tripod.
  1. Add some oomph to the glow inside of your jack-o-lanterns while you photograph them. Slip in a couple extra candles or tea-lights.
  1. Snap as many pictures as you can. This increases your odds of getting some great shots.
  1. Take photos from different perspectives, levels, and angles as you go.

– Lisa