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Picture Perfect Memories

March 10, 2015

Old family photos are a treasure. Wouldn’t you agree? Don’t let another day go by without preserving your priceless family heritage in a personalized keepsake storybook from Heritage Makers. This vintage-inspired “Picture Perfect Memories” 13 x 11 Legacy Storybook by Roxanne Buchholz, template 93776, has been designed for you to preserve and share the photos and short stories of your family ancestors. Not only is it a gift to those who have gone before you, but it will serve as a lasting gift of love for future generations.

Picture Perfect FINAL

This photo layout is perfect for capturing your vintage family photos and short stories in a well-organized, chronological manner. Simply scan the original images, upload to your free Heritage Makers account and then drag and drop your family photos into this or any of our other beautiful family heritage templates. If genealogy is a passion of yours but you are just getting started, this storybook is the perfect jumping off point for collecting and organizing your family’s history. Once you’ve completed this storybook, you may find yourself inspired to delve deeper with an in-depth genealogy project which can be preserved in the coordinating storybook “Portraits of the Past” 13 x 11 Legacy Storybook, template 93628, featuring family trees, historic documents and certificates, history of times and places, as well as the colorful characters we call our ancestors.

Portraits of the Past FINAL

Our computers may crash and our memories may fade, but customized storybooks from Heritage Makers can last a lifetime. All of our storybooks at Heritage Makers are backed by our 100% Heirloom Assurance program. So, even if the dog chews up the book or your child rips out the pages, Heritage Makers will replace the book at half price for life! Plus, Heritage Makers is an archiver’s dream. Only premium 100-lb. archival-quality papers (acid and lignin-free) and real stitched binding (not glued) is used on each and every storybook. Our Legacy 13 x 11 storybooks are crafted with a genuine black leather cover with a custom full-color dust jacket – perfect for a storybook that will be handed down through the generations.

At Heritage Makers, our goal is to build lasting legacies of family heritage by creating and celebrating our family heroes, traditions, values, memories, and commitments. Through the power of story, you can strengthen your family through our beautiful products that help you capture and record your story, your way.